New Media Concept + 1st concept map

So to start the trip into the New Media world, I will be trying to sum up the new media characteristics that seem to be most important and clear for me at this point.

New media, for me, cannot be taken as only technology OR culture. It is more of a symbiosis between these two. Because of the cultural changes and technological evolvments, they have become to complement each-other and thus changed the nature of this co-existense.

As far as the definition for New Media goes, I will have to agree with the description provided by Manovich. Since the pair of words “New Media” itself refers to something that is new every following moment, I think it is “a new medium with new properties” concerning the current status and time.

PS: A definition by a web page called “” for new media is – “Electronic interactive media such as internet.”

I would also like to add the first make of the concept map to get an idea of the New Media connections.



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