Software check – CyberPatrol 7.7

I chose to try out the market leading software CyberPatrol v7.7. I suppose if so many people are using the product, it might be a good one. 

The first thing I noticed was that it takes longer to load webpages. It seems to have a bit of trouble resolving estonian webpages(actual delay is around 1-3 seconds). Although second time around the loading times are shorter, so it seems to memorize some addresses or at least it seems so.

There are no issues opening regular and popular webpages except for the short delay mentioned earlier. To bring out, the settings were set to user level “Child”.

Any words concerning sexuality, sexual orientation or even the word “sex” itself written in the google search bar comes up with an error. And the same situation is with a wellknown english word for happy. But also the program provides a way to “Instant Override” the block by entering a password, which is convenient in a way.

Actually one cannot do anything online. Just look at the regular news/games/social pages and that is it. I even tried to search for information concerning a band “Judas Priest” and that is banned for children also 🙂 Interesting..

As an add-on there are different settings to prevent users from certain programs and one can also impose a timeframe to allow the usage of programs and web.

Altogether a “Nice” way to keep the users from certain information but still a bit glitchy. And when you are a user who is used to go whereever, you will get annoyed quickly. So it seems to be working 🙂


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