Creation of helpful applications that already have been created :S

I started thinking about a necessary application that is definitely needed in estonia. And when I was confronted with an issue that again on a saturday evening/night it is impossible to get a cab unless you are in the centre of town just because of …

The situation itself promted me to think of an application which would allow one to call a taxi by using a mobile phone application. To see the free available taxis near your location and also make life a bit easier for the cab companies by creating a web based positioning system, which will allow the driver to serve CSTs while going to the next call for example.

Unfortunately, as it is with a lot of things, this kind of an application has already been thought of and also produced to be used on an iphone. The application is called (Taxi Magic –; ) 

There have also been other thoughts about the same subject and even products have been created but with not a lot of success: (this one actually seems to be used by a number of people)

Bad news, but it would be a good idea to start using it in Estonia also. Possibly even make it available on android etc.


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