Prometeus and Socialnomics

While trying to gather new ideas for my master thesis I stumbled upon some interesting videos concerning the views into the future and predictions on how (social)media will evolve.

Davide Casaleggio’s company produced a video exploring the future of media. It is a very cool 6-minute video, which takes some educated (and imaginative) guesses at how the Web and media will evolve over the next 40-50 years

You can also take a look at some “history” (not obligatory of course):

Also and more impotantly I would like to point out a man called Eric Qualman. I located his blog by looking for interesting and new information concerning social media and developements in the field. The blog can be found on . But most importantly I would like to get my hands on the book itself “Socialnomics”. Than it could also be presented as literature. But for now, to get interesting facts and insights into the media I would like to suggest that you take a look at Eric’s blog and you’ll find a lot of interesting facts and theories from there.

Also you should check out a quick “Social Media Revolution 2” review (a very cool information collection):


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