Task 3 – comparing

To compare different approaches to creating a study plan, I looked through five plans that were made up by: Valeria, Kerstin, Kairi, Maria and Argo.

First and foremost I noticed thad everybody has used some sort of technology to draw a simple plan concerning the studies. That is indeed a big plus and helps one understand very quickly, what has been thought of and how the person has seen the steps. One difference was Kairi’s way of putting down different steps. Unlike all the others she used another and interesting approach to visualize the parts of creating a study plan.

One of the differences was that not all investigated study plans addressed the part of working hours and personal time. Of course, it might be that a person is not currently employed, but I think that it is a very important thing to keep in mind while planning for studies over such a long period of time.

Also a couple of study plans included lots of details concerning the actual studies period. It might be useful indeed but usually the information on tools and necessary items for a course is not so clear already in the planning period.

Of course there were differences in interlinking the activities. Some considered planning in a hierarchical form, while others more of a coexisting type. I think that depends on a lot of factors and is mostly up to the person actually doing the planning. So no pros or cons here

Overall the plans are mostly similar when looking at the contents and information that has been taken into consideration. So it really depends on personal views, how one addresses the planning cycle. They seem to be all valid.


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