Task 6 – Interactivity

I am writing this post to summarize the article by Kiousis, S. (2002) titled “Interactivity: a concept explication”.

The emphasis of the article is on going through different approaches towards defining interactivity in different fields. Firstly the author brings out different uses of interactivity and especially we find that interactivity is associated with new communication technologies like especially the internet and worldwide web. While comparing this piece to the previous one we had to go through on the subject, this one seems to be more up to date and looking towards future enhancements in the technological field.

The article brings up one debate which is indeed important on the whole matter of interactivity. Interaction is considered to be manifestable in various ways. By some it is considered that interactivity is to an interdependence of messages Bretz (1983), and for others it is more technologically determined (Steuer 1992). From my perspective I would not like to describe interaction by only being manifested if there is a certain medium(a computer, the network, software) to transfer the message, but that has also been taken into consideration.

There is also a proposal and build-up in the article on how to test and measure the level of ‘perceived interactiveness’. The build up seems to touch all the main parts and aspects that were and are relevant in order to test the level of interactivity but concerning technological developments it might need overlooking in the future.For the most part, Kiousis tries to come up with a common framework in order to to build a defininition for interactivity which would satisfy all the sides and also bring some consensus on the matter. It is indeed quite difficult to do and as the author states, it is not definitive in any way. All-in-all, interactivity is described and defined taking into account all the sensory aspects that a user can describe and feel (proximity, perceived speed, sensory activation), the actual context (social presence and dependency) and the structure and capabilities of technology at a certain time. I believe that it is an overall good way to sum up the definition but is still a bit vague.





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