Task 8 – From Personal to Mass Media

Some thoughts, ideas and questions on the article „Conceptualizing personal Media“ by Marika Lüders.

Firstly I do see that the differences pointed out by the author are relevant and on topic. Although the main question for me was concerning the identification of mass media. Especially the part of interaction. In my experience, mass media is information from one mediator to a mass. The interaction there is defined and controlled by one side and that is the side of the information provider. In my mind, information provided in a weblog or a personal webpage is not mass media. There are indeed some similarities that have been pointed out by the author (page 690-691) that I do agree with. I also agree with the way the author approaches the necessity for involvement as an important part in defining mass or personal media. In personal media, it is very important for the participants to be actively involved in the process whereas in mass media, as stated before, the main part of the work is done by the information provider.

Altogether, I do agree that in today’s world the lines have become more obscure with social media and collaborative media. But I still believe that there are certain strict differences to bear in mind when classifying media because the interaction processes are quite different.


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