Ethics and Law – week 11 : Free software vs. Open source

  • Analyse both free software and open source approach in your blog. If you prefer one, provide your arguments.

Firstly I would like to point out that in my mind, neither of these programmes as such, benefit the common user in a sufficient way. If a choice has to be made, I would go towards a free software solution. It is a fairly ineffective way to create a program in a proprietary world, but it has the possibility of evolution, that we do not get from an Open Source software (OSS) or a proprietary one. By that thought, I mean that one person has the opportunity to be beneficial for other users of the program, by providing and programming solutions to improve it. There are, of course, ways to help and improve proprietary programs also, but the final requisition of those changes is still in the hands of the original creators and might have a very long „wait“ attached to them. Open source software in a sense is beneficial for people, who have the knowledge to read and understand the information that is provided, but when certain rights protect the source code to be used, it kind of loses the point. Unless one is able to use the code to develope a thought of his/her own , without just copying it. But overall, I see the usage of free software mainly in small circles, or when the software itself isn’t vast.


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