IFI7144 – task 14 – final reflections

Finally I would like you to reflect back on the entire course and think of what you have learned during these weeks. What is it you are going to take with you from this course, be it negative or positive experience, content-related or organisational aspects and so on?

To sum up the course,

I do understand the importance of different views and aspects concerning scientific research and definitions on a subject, but obtaining a view on the whole field by reading text is a bit hardcore for me. Not to grumpy all the way, I did obtain a lot concerning interactivity and the theories behind the concept. I especially enjoyed the evaluation of definitions and creating an understanding for ourselves. Just the overall part of obtaining the concepts was a bit dull for me, thats all. As Seen in my previous post, I find the dry reading a bit tiresome and ineffective.

I also enjoyed the online classes we had, just because of the interaction. It brought the subject “out of the books” and added a bit more flavour to it. I certainly wish there were more online chats during this course. The online interaction helps to obtain the views better and also gives the opportunity to check ones arguments concerning a topic.

Overall I think the course made me think about interactivity on a deeper and more philosophical level. Also the activity theory and aspects associated, help to define processes better, so we dont only see the surface.


One thought on “IFI7144 – task 14 – final reflections

  1. Dear Reimo,
    Thank you very much for participating and sharing your ideas. It was a great pleasure to have you in this course. I am glad that you can take something with you from this course and I also appreciate a lot the feedback you provided.
    Merry Christmas!

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