Reflections on Philosophy of HCI @TLU

So, what about the course. I chose it probably because I have had one previous very good experience with philosophy and that was a course with Emanuele a couple of years back. As far as expectations go I wanted to go through a lot of discussions on philosophical matters and thought. What impressed me the first time was the fluidity of the process and the way one was not actually forced to provide an opinion on the subject before he or she had reached that point of interest or understanding.

As history has shown it was as or even more involving than it had been some years back. As many teachers or professors or faculty or knowledgeable people say, university is not compulsory and that is what I enjoyed the most. The want to provide an input was indeed favored but never forced upon. That very low expectations form (although I believe it was a scam all along) initiated the want in me. Participants often wanted to provide and receive rather than avoid the pressure of making something. I enjoyed the microculture that allows one to start to produce from ones mind and express that in a not-that-structured way.

The fact that it was a Saturday afternoon is a somewhat annoying fact but considering the options I believe it was the best choice. It isnt actually the choice of the day rather than the actual vibe that was produced. As it was a day with another 3 hour lecture just an hour before, it was indeed a n interesting task to start oneself up again.

As far as reflections go I must be honest, I cant get the text of David Becham hitting the ball out of my head. I don’t know if its a good thing and I’m not even sure, what it represents for me, but its there. And yes the statue of an overly obese woman followed by an enormous amount of different cats.

Depicting weeks and trying to narrate them to yourself a couple of weeks later is indeed a task to enjoy. The funny thing is that most of the pictures taken during that period of time are sort of imbedded in the mind. I even remember the action a bit more than the actual point of the picture taken since I took them all for the task not plainly because of free will. But there is the want again.

The want is something that is often missing from the process of learning, but it was there this time. I’m not a manic user of facebook or even the blog. I don’t post comments on twitter and I don’t watch youtube on a daily basis. HCI is still important in my everyday work and operations but I don’t feel that I contribute that much to the equation myself. As far as making meaning is concerned I can see meaning in the processes that went on during the course and since I’m recalling the events, all that I mostly remember is the meaning. I remember that there were many cats but what did they look like? Not a clue. I can clearly recall the pictures and collages or rather the making and commenting, not the actual visuals. Luckily we have facebook!


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