Second final task – Philosophy of HCI @TLU

Tools as far as experience is concerned were aplenty. The blog environment was an old friend. We just got acquainted again. The funny thing is that the blog had never had any followers beside the participants of the courses that it was used for. Now it has somehow managed to acquire some readers and reposts. I don’t know if it’s a good thing and I can’t say if people can get anything from it but it was indeed an interesting development. For the experience, it is somehow good to hear from total strangers that they have found some interesting thoughts or overviews on some matters covered by the years.

A lot of new experimentation went into mobile applications and there are many of those on android (the platform of choice for me). The downside is that many of those are rather badly made and not good to operate/use/interact with. I learned to use a number of those while making collages and then decided to drop that altogether. It was not a nice experience. The outcome wasn’t the worst but it came with so many glitches. As I have said before I’m not a heavy user of Instagram or anything similar so it was a bit of a negative start going into that world. There are probably many better and more refined apps/services around that I didn’t try, but it came to an end for me.

Facebook posting is also a thing concerning the want that I wrote about in my previous post. I used the option to write my stuff in the blog since it seems to me a cleaner more purposeful environment to present thoughts and texts. Facebook gets cluttered with all kinds of irrelevant info and thus cuts me away from the goal. Although I preferred the blog to write, I used facebook to find. I don’t find the blog environment too convenient for getting all the info in one place. I can’t find other participants blogs or texts or even the assignments etc. I enjoyed the facebook page because I could get the info from one place and it also pushed me towards the right direction. The shared thoughts and pictures by Emanuele, posts by co-students and notifications on facebook were things to help me find my concentration and want.

Finally I think the best of tools used for this course was the mind. I wouldnt say it was a beating, but it was more a Poirot-kind of massage on the grey cells. Am I making meaning or giving meaning? Am I appropriating? As far as I’m concerned it feels quite good.


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