Contemporary trends in HCI [m1]

The task was to select 100 papers from the proceedings of the previous two editions of CHI and DIS. The selection should be based on our interests or final paper idea.

How did I get to the 20 most important concepts? Briefly describe the process and the underlying rationale.

Getting the concepts was pretty easy after selecting the papers and browsing through them. There were a lot of different topics within the selection and it was easy to distinguish between interesting and not-that-interesting papers/ideas. There came a point in every document when I realized if it was interesting to me or not. If it was than I continued. By reading more while browsing the interesting ones, I came up with underlying concepts or topics of research.

What was the overall experience of the QnD Review?

It was a new and interesting experience. I am used to reading papers in full or at least mostly through them, but this way of making an overview and often even scratching the surface just a little was interesting. It also makes one concentrate on abstracts, introduction and conclusions to get an overview of often a vast topic which is awesome.

Which are the two most interesting papers you would like to read more deeply? (Provide the full citation with DOI number, so that we can find the paper later)

p2005.pdf ; Session: Understanding and Modeling Touch CHI 2014, One of a CHInd, Toronto, ON, Canada 2005

28 Frames Later: Predicting Screen Touches From Back-of-Device Grip Changes;
Mohammad Faizuddin Mohd Noor*†, Andrew Ramsay*, Stephen Hughes‡ John Williamson*and Roderick Murray-Smith*

p2055.pdf ; CHI 2014, Stimulating a Blink: Reduction of Eye Fatigue with Visual Stimulus
Tarik Crnovrsanin; Yang Wang; Kwan-Liu Ma

How much time did you spend on this homework?

With preparations a bit longer than 5 hours I think. I was not able to do it in one long stretch so it is hard to calculate specific time.

What was the most difficult part of this homework?

At some point the topics became overlapping and repetitive. That means I had no new topics or bright ideas to pick from, but small alterations to topics that I had already read. This also meant I often read a bit of a paper and then skipped it because of a very similar topic to the previous one. This took time and prolonged the reading.

How to make the quick and dirty review better?

I think it would be easier if the document headings didn’t put up a fight while copying them in preview mode. It would also be easier if the files were named after their topic. Fortunately Drive also searches words from document text, but is still a pain to find them :S

Overall, it was a new and interesting experience. HCI has so many interesting things going on that everyone should find at least a topic or two to read and explore.


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