Contemporary theories (part II) [M6]

Känd [M6] Contemporary theory (Part II)

The last two turns in Contemporary theory area bit easier to comprehend and follow than the first two. For example turn to the wild is largely concerned with observing situations in everyday lives and propose a logical cyclical re-contextualizing process. The heuristical approach in ecological rationality is comprehensible and quite easy to explain in real life scenarios. The way we interact with our surroundings and how we recognize, search and choose without having to go through all the information provided is interesting and fun to follow.Turn to embodiment emphasizes on learning through doing and tries to understand how engagement with social and physical environment works in practice.

Both of these turns and the theories that they embody bring forth the researcher or designer, finds themselves slipping into over-simplified interpretations. In-the-wild studies have also a threat of being too focused on the interpretation of the researcher. Also, when carrying out a laboratory research, there is always the case of a person, who has to explain the “rules of the game” thus threatening the overall credibility of the outcome as being a natural way of interaction in-the-wild.


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