Conclusions on HCI Theory [M7]

As far as reading the paper and also reflecting on it through the concepts and maps, I must agree that applying different conceptual frameworks has been effective and even impressive in shaping research but their application in practice is indeed a bit below par. I did enjoy the overview of shaping and defining of user experiences through sensor-based conceptualization which nowadays contributes a lot into innovation when dealing with user input and interaction design.

More theoretical approaches, though not very successful, are to my liking becouse of their property to allow different angles of attack. The issue is that one might often be misunderstood and also, as stated in the discussion, your ideas and thoughts are best followed if all the participants have an overview of the basic theoretic concepts. Many terms and concepts are thus soften differently interpreted and that prolongs and complicates the application of such approaches in studies or even real life.

Proposed and used frameworks help understand, how many similar but still different works or approaches come from the same background and with the same basics come up with different solutions and generalizations. By understanding the basics, I am now able to spot at least some of them being used (past or present) in my work, studies and surroundings.


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